Woman and Dog Battered in Altercation

A Salina woman and her dog were both allegedly strangled by a Salina man during a night’s long altercation.

Police Capt. Paul Forrester tells KSAL News that the argument between the victim and suspect began on Wednesday morning in north Salina. During the initial argument, the man asked the female victim to lunch the same day.

On Wednesday at lunch, the argument ensued when the man becoming upset and calling the victim names. The victim then picked the man up from work  later on Wednesday and once again the argument continued.

When the two arrived to the victim’s home in central Salina, the argument escalated with the man allegedly flipping a coffee table and then attempting to strangle the victim. The man continued the tirade by choking the woman’s dog and throwing it at her. The dog was uninjured.

The victim told authorities that she attempted to leave several times, however, the man would not let her do so, while also making threats against the victim and her children. He then caused damage all over the home by punching holes in sheet rock and causing damage to trim around the home. The man continued by once again attempting to strangle the victim a second time and slammed her against a wall.

The man, Jorden Urbanek, 26, Salina, left for work on Thursday morning. This allowed the woman to finally leave and contact authorities. She had bruising to her knee and arm, as well as marks in the area of her neck.

Urbanek has been arrested and faces charges that include: aggravated battery, aggravated kidnapping, sexual battery, domestic battery, criminal threat and cruelty to animals.

Damage to the victim’s home is estimated around $1,600. The victim’s children were not at home during the altercation.