Why not make it Right?

Are you aware of the controversy surrounding Oklahoma State’s stunning loss to Central Michigan on Saturday?  In a nutshell, the Chippewas were awarded an untimed down at the end of the game after Oklahoma State had run out the clock with an intentional grounding play.

The officials misinterpreted a rule that says a game can’t end on a penalty—a defensive penalty that is.  If the offense commits a penalty that results in a loss of down, the game can end.  All of the officials involved have received suspensions, but what does that matter?  It doesn’t right a wrong.

Bottom line, this can be corrected.  Central Michigan shouldn’t have been given one more chance.  The amazing “Hail Mary/Hook ‘ Ladder” shouldn’t have happened because they shouldn’t have been allowed to snap the ball.

Why not just fix it?

Other games have ended where mistakes were made at the end (who will ever forget Colorado getting five downs against Missouri?), but those mistakes would not have been as easy to correct as this one.

This one IS fixable and that’s what should be done.  Oklahoma State 27, Central Michigan 24 as far as I’m concerned.