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Work Hard but Can’t Get Ahead?

Joan JerkovichSeptember 1, 2014

What can I do about the fact that no matter how hard I work I can’t ever seem to get ahead?

In these difficult economic times, I hear this all too often… so many people have lost their jobs and are struggling either to find a job or make do in a new job where their pay and benefits have been cut. Lean times come and go (or at least I remain hopeful that better times will again find us), so accept the tried and true saying of “this too shall pass”. Hold on to that hope, but also be practical in taking action to better your chances for getting ahead.

Sit down and take the time to objectively analyze why you seem to be working hard, only to be left with so little in your bank account at the end of each month. If you don’t have the facts, you don’t have a starting point from which to better your situation, so write down everything using “Money In” and “Money Out” columns. Be honest with yourself in looking at whether you are overspending for your income. Case studies I’ve heard of people who’ve gotten themselves out of debt, all carried the discipline of closely monitoring the “In” and “Out” columns.

Remember too that getting ahead isn’t all about watching your spending~it’s also about looking for a better job, taking a second job, or asking for that long overdue raise (Yes! Even in this economy good employees are getting raises!).

Another thing you should seriously consider is going back to school for the training that will bring you a better paying job. Talk with career counselors at your local colleges and vocational schools. They can tell you which employers are hiring right now. I just heard how welders in training at our local vocational school are getting hired away by employers before their schooling is complete. They’re that desperate for help! And I heard that some of those workers were making over six figures annually (over $100,000??)! It’s worth looking in to your options, and ladies, don’t avoid male dominated careers. Being female in a mostly male field will set you apart.

Whatever plan of action you set forth, do it with an attitude geared for success…no one likes to work with a grumpity grump, and who knows, you may find yourself bringing in the big bucks in an adventure that takes you to the great state of Alaska to weld pipelines!

Embrace your Personal Power with Life Coaching~

  • What motivates you to quit living paycheck to paycheck?
  • How will you cultivate and nurture a new mindset geared toward getting ahead?
  • Who will you align with to keep you accountable to stick with the goals you have set for yourself?
Joan Jerkovich, BCC Board Certified Life Coach

Joan Jerkovich, BCC
Board Certified Life Coach

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