What Are They Really Playing For?

In what can only be described as a SERIOUS lack of sportsmanship on the part of KU player Brannen Greene at the conclusion of the 228th meeting of the Sunflower showdown,I wanted to take a moment to reflect my own thoughts on the matter. People will say “he was just being a kid” or “it was not that big of a deal”..if you aren’t in the know as to what I am referring to let me set the stage 2.2 seconds on the clock with the Jayhawks ahead comfortably 75-59 the coaches heading toward one another for the handshakes and players walking off the court…Greene a junior dribbling out the clock or so one would have thought…Greene takes a 2 dribble run at the hoop and dunks the basketball as time runs out to make the margin of victory 77-59…now one could ask why this would upset me when my team(I am a WILDCAT fan)was losing anyway,it is NOT the final score that upsets me so much as the blatant disrespect for sportsmanship shown by what is arguably one of the most talented players on the KU roster..some will say he just got caught up in the moment to which I would argue that this is NOT an issue IF for the fact that Greene had been previously suspended by KU coach Bill Self prior to the Maui Invitational a suspension of 6 games later reduced to 5 for good behavior, this is NO longer an isolated issue with Greene’s behavior and NOW can be considered a pattern. I am sure Greene meant NO disrespect to Kansas State anymore than the Kansas State Marching Band meant the Starship Enterprise formation to be derogatory or to a lesser extent the fan running into the Jayhawk player during K-State’s upset of the Jayhawks in Manhattan last season.So what is the answer for repeated violations of the sportsmanship rule? I propose a 3 strikes and you are out policy, 1st offense a 1 game suspension 2nd offense a 6 game suspension 3rd offense and you are out for the remainder of the season, while it may seem harsh ALL student athletes(and I use the word student loosely)need to remember that there are young KIDS watching these games and while we are talking about 18-22 year old role models, KIDS will see a lack of respect and sportsmanship from these college athletes and believe that is how the game is played!