We See what we want to See

The first of three Presidential debates was last night.

I had opined in this space prior to the debate that if Trump had a big night or Hillary had a lousy one, the race for the presidency was over.  I also said that neither one of those things might not happen.  And neither one did.

Who won?  Several online polls (Time.com, CBS/NY Times, Drudge, Fox, CNBC) all said Trump.  The CNN poll was the only one I saw that gave it to Hillary.  Personally, I think it was a tie.

It was amazing watching post-debate coverage on CNN for an hour and Fox for an hour.  You would think people appearing on each of those networks had not watched the same debate.  CNN very pro-Clinton, of course, and FOX pro-Trump.

I thought it was interesting the things Hillary Clinton did not answer.  With that thought in mind, here are my two biggest takeaways:

#1:  She pretty much conceded there is something in those 30,000+ “deleted” e-mails she doesn’t want us to see.

#2:  She pretty much conceded that the whole birther thing started with one of her long time advisors, Sid Blumenthal.

But, I’m seeing what I want to see.  What did you see?