Wardens Seeking Poachers Who Killed Geese

at 5:00 Sunday evening, 25 yards south of Brock’s Bridge in Mitchell County. The group contained 5 Goslings and 1 adult Lesser Canada Goose. Anyone with information regarding this incident please call the Mitchell County Game Warden at 785-243-0553 or Operation Game Thief at 877-426-3843. Operation Game Thief is a program that provides a toll-free line available 24/7, 365 days of the year, for citizens to report wildlife-related violations. All calls received through the OGT line are quickly relayed to the natural resource officer nearest the violation, and callers can remain anonymous. Possible violations included, Take Migratory bird out of season X6, Wanton Waste X6, Lead Shot X6. Brock’s bridge is located on 110 rd between I rd and J rd in Mitchell County.]]>