Vote to Name Baby Rhino

Rolling Hills Zoo is inviting the public to vote on a name for the new baby rhino which was born in December. The male rhino calf was born on December 9th.

According to the zoo, the selection has been narrowed down six names by staff. The public is now invited to tell them which name they think should be his name.

There are only have six days to vote. Voting ends at midnight February 7th.

The following are the names to choose from along with their meaning:

? Augustus – means “great, magnificent”. Nicknames are Auggie or Gus.
? Hank – means “Ruler of the Home”.
? Masego – is a Tswana name meaning “blessings”.
? Jabari – from Swahili meaning “brave”.
? Panya – from African-Swahili roots, it means “mouse”; and because the rhino calf makes a “squeaking” sound like a mouse.
? Humphrey – means “giant peace”; also because of the hump on his neck, and after Kansas City Chief’s Creed Humphrey.