Volunteers Sought for Criminal Behavior Reduction Committee

Saline County is seeking volunteers who are interested in learning more about criminal behavior and what can be done to keep the community safe.

According to the County, they are  seeking four individuals to volunteer along with the standing members on the Criminal Behavior Reduction Committee.  As a member of this committee, you will be tasked with reviewing existing support programs and services and provide information to the Saline County Board of County Commissioners that will assist with finding appropriate and cost-effective intervention efforts that prevent and correct criminal behaviors.

Saline County Commissioners noted that the previous work by the former “Committee for Reducing Jail Population” created the establishment of several new programs such as Drug Court and Pre-Trial services, but recognize that the work of reducing the need for incarceration is ongoing.  The adopted changes to the previous by-laws will allow this committee to focus more broadly on criminal behavior rather than specifically the jail population.

Saline County is seeking volunteers for the following positions on this committee:

  1. An attorney whose practice includes significant criminal defense work
  2. A representative from a substance abuse treatment organization
  3. A representative from Community Mental Health
  4. An interested Citizen

If you are interested in serving on this committee, you are asked to fill out an expression of interest form which may be obtained from the Saline County website, www.saline.org, or by visiting the Administrative Resource Center, 300 W. Ash, Room 217.  For questions, call 785-309-5810.