Volunteers Needed For Back to School Fair

Volunteers are needed to help at the Saline County Back to School Fair. The event is on Friday, July 28th.

“Volunteers are needed starting with a few on Wednesday and more through Friday evening,” said Regina Hendrickson, Volunteer Co-Chair. “I’ve helped pack bags on Thursday and taken registrations on Friday afternoon the last few years. It’s rewarding to be able to help our students and families so that they’re ready for school on day one,” said Hendrickson.

Volunteer needs are listed on the Volunteer Hub, http://volunteer.unitedwaysalina.org/.  Once you’re registered as a volunteer, you’ve selected your interests and organizations, go to Agencies, and then go to Saline County Back to School Fair. Click on the yellow school bus logo and it’ll take you to the listings of Agency Needs.

Kimberly Trigg, NextHome Pro Relator, and Volunteer Co-chair explained “some of our needs include: greeters all three days at all shifts, supply stagers on Wednesday,  backpack runners and supply stuffers on Thursday, greeters and registration clerks on Friday.” Bilingual volunteers are encouraged to register.

All volunteer activities will be at Lakewood Middle School, 1135 E Lakewood Circle.  Teams, work groups, individuals and families, clubs, and neighbors are encouraged to volunteer at the 2017 Saline County Back to School Fair.

Follow Saline County Back to School Fair on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/SalineBTSF/