Visiting Artist to Teach Summer Art Classes

A renowned visiting artist will teach classes via the Salina Art Center this summer.

According to the organization,  visiting interdisciplinary artist Hugo Zelada-Romero is teaching classes for SummerART 2024.

Zelada-Romero, an artist of Guatemalan heritage and a 2020 graduate of Wichita State University with a BFA in photo media, will lead alternative photography workshops and classes this summer. His visit correlates with work and research he is conducting for High Strangeness: Encounters with the Unexplained in Kansas and Beyond an exhibition opening at Salina Art Center in Summer 2025. The goal of his exhibition is to connect visitors with first-hand accounts of “high strangeness” incidents, particularly those that have happened in Kansas, and give visitors an opportunity to ponder and examine how they themselves engage with facts and ideas that exist at the edge of believability.

Zelada-Romero’s work explores the relationship between physical images and belief systems, focusing on how photography can express intangible ideas. His diverse background and innovative approach will be highlighted in a series of engaging workshops designed for various age groups.

The summer program will kick off with “Light & Art Adventures: Creative Exploration for Young Minds in Alternative Photography,” running from June 25 to 28. This workshop, aimed at children aged 11-14, will take place from Tuesday to Friday, 3pm – 5pm, at a cost of $75. In this course, young participants will delve into alternative photography techniques and printmaking, encouraging them to explore the magical world of light and art while learning new methods of creative expression.

Following this, older students and adults can look forward to the “Reimagining Photography: Alternative Photo Classes for Creative Exploration.” This series, designed for adults ages 15 and up, will be held on May 28, June 4, 18, and 25, from 6pm to 8pm. Priced at $85, these sessions will introduce participants to experimental photography techniques and unconventional processes, providing a dynamic environment to redefine traditional photography.

A special one-day event, “Discover Polaroid: Emulsion Lift Workshop,” will be held on June 27, from 6pm to 8pm, at a cost of $45. This workshop, also for adults ages 15 and up, will immerse participants in the art of Polaroid photography through emulsion lifting. Attendees can bring their own Polaroid cameras or use ones provided by the studio, learning to manipulate Polaroid emulsion and transform their images into captivating works of art. Limited supplies will be provided, with opportunities to expand their toolkit.

“This is a great opportunity for creatives in our community to connect and learn from a visiting practicing artist. I own a few of Hugo’s art pieces, and I’m excited to catch a glimpse of his process first-hand.” says Education Director, Darren Morawitz.

Parents, guardians, and participants can register for the classes by visiting the Spaces are limited, so early registration is encouraged. The Warehouse Education Studio is located at 149 S. 4th St.


Reimagining Photography: Alternative Photo Classes for Creative Exploration.

Light & Art Adventures: Creative Exploration for Young Minds in Alternative Photography

Photos via Hugo Zelada-Romero