Vintage Tin at Leadsled

Butch Mayginnes is a rich man, sitting next to a trailer stacked with enough scrap metal to build a cherry Model-A Ford. “There are people that will walk by and say, ‘that’s a pile of junk,'” he said with a laugh.

“And there’s other people that would walk by and say, ‘man I need that,'” Mayginnes said.

“And that’s what I hope to find, that man that needs it!”


Mayginnes, who lives in Andover, KS says he bought five Model-A’s to make the one he wanted and is now in Oakdale Park selling parts and pieces of the four cars that remain. “The idea is to sell these and hopefully make back the money you spent on five – by selling four.”




The vintage tin was in good shape when he purchased it. “I found these in a barn in Anthony, KS and they were all sitting on their noses.”

For the right price, the scrap just might be reworked and roll back into Salina as a Model-A Ford street rod in 2020.

Mayginnes and group of other spare parts dealers will be on hand all weekend as part of the “Swap Meet” that takes place under the shade trees in Oakdale Park during the 2019 Leadsled Spectacular.