Vintage Baseball Game Scheduled At Eisenhower Campus Grounds

Old-time baseball is coming to Abilene.

According to the Eisenhower Presidential Library and Museum, the fifth annual vintage base ball game will be played on their grounds.

The “Abilene Iron Cutters” will face the “Wichita Bull Stockings” of the Cowtown Vintage Base Ball Club donning uniforms from the 1860s.
The game is scheduled for this Saturday.

The game is played using base ball rules from the Victorian era, which are quite different from today’s game. For instance, outfielders can catch the ball on one bounce for an out and base stealing and sliding are prohibited. Crowd participation is highly encouraged and often impacts the rulings on the field.

Visitors can also expect to see the “Eisenhower Boys” and their neighbor friends as part of the Living History Garden project playing games and operating a lemonade stand.

“This is a fun event, recreating the game from a bygone era,” said Tim Rives, Deputy Director, Eisenhower Presidential Library and Museum. “We encourage individuals and families to take advantage of this great ‘Americana’ experience.”

The event is free and open to the public; donations will be accepted and are always appreciated. Guests are encouraged to bring lawn chairs and sunscreen.