VIDEO: Winter Wheat Update

In a video from K-State Research and Extension, wheat specialist Romulo Lollato talks about the condition of the 2022 Kansas winter wheat crop.

Lollato says that rainfall last September and October led to early emergence and good fall development of the current crop, especially in northwest, north central and south central parts of the state.

But, he said, “warmer temperatures in the fall led to quite a bit of crop development. That crop was more developed and experienced bigger growth, which requires much more water.”

Most of Kansas has experienced below average rainfall since Fall, and some parts experienced freezing in early April.

“The next couple weeks are going to be crucial for growers to understand the level of damage the crop went through (due to drought or freezing),” Lollato said. “What we advise growers is that once the crop has a little bit of temperature to start growing again, go out and split some stems and look for that developing head. If the head is sturdy, nice and firm and white, it’s a good indication that the crop is alive and that it will keep going through development.”

Regular updates on the Kansas wheat crop are available in the weekly Agronomy eUpdate, published by K-State’s Department of Agronomy, or from local extension offices in Kansas.

K-State Research and Extension video produced by Dan Donnert



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