VIDEO: Tricky Shot Frees Stuck Deer

A sharp-shooting game warden made a tricky shot to free a deer whose antlers were tangled with another deer.

According to the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Park, Game Warden Colter Silhan was called out to Dickinson County on November 6 for two bucks that were locked together from fighting.

It appeared the two had been locked together for some time. One of the bucks was dead but the other was still alive and full of energy.

In order to save the deer that was still alive, Game Warden Silhan used a slug from his shotgun to shoot the antlers of the deer and separate them. The buck appeared to be in shock for a few seconds but once he realized he was free, he took off running and appeared to be in good health.

A salvage tag was given for the dead deer to the hunter who originally called in the incident.