VIDEO: Travel Channel Featuring Country Stampede

The Country Stampede will be the focus of a show on the Travel Channel Sunday night.

According to the Manhattan Convention and Visitors Bureau, the Country Stampede will be featured on Adam Richman’s new show “Fandemonium.” The show features festivals and other gatherings from around the US and Canada and their respective fans creative and sometimes crazy ways of feeding themselves during the events.

Richman spent time with patrons in the campgrounds, giving them the chance to show off their culinary concoctions to a national TV audience. He also visited artists backstage for a behind the scenes look at how the acts entertain themselves when not entertaining on stage. Richman then went to the food court for a look at the wide variety of unique vendor food that is available at the festival.

Since premiering July 14th, the show has been to the Daytona 500, Indy 500, BBQ World Championship, and the Kentucky Derby.