VIDEO: Sunflower Lesson for Students

A group of students are learning first hand how it all starts with a seed.

According to USD 305,  Oakdale Elementary School fourth grade teacher Kirk Cusick had his class visit a beautiful school garden on the north side of the school. Each of the students received a sunflower seed to hold in their hand.

“That sunflower seed is you right now,” Cusick told the students. “By the end of this year, you are going to be a sunflower that has grown.” He explained that their growing conditions included helping and understanding each other, being caring and loving. Just like the sun and rain help the sunflowers, their classroom learning community will provide conditions for the students to flourish.

Together, they considered how this new school year could be a transformational experience for each of them. Students start out as a tiny seed with huge potential that is ready to emerge during their fourth grade year of school.

We can’t wait to see how these students grow, explore and learn this year.