VIDEO: Salina Trio Wins $10,000 Lottery Prize

They have played lottery together for five years, and now they have won together! Three excited Salina residents have claimed the $10,000 prize in the November 26 Holiday Bonus drawing. Their winning raffle number was 048063.

“The last several years, we have each paid for three raffle tickets, for a total of nine tickets,” said Joyce Ingram, who claimed the ticket on behalf of the trio. “This year, we had a little extra money so we bought two more, for a total of 11.” Ingram said it was the very first ticket they bought that won $10,000 in the ninth Holiday Bonus drawing!

Besides Joyce Ingram, the other winners in the trio are Anthony Delaurentis and Marsha Stewart. All three came to Lottery headquarters together to claim the ticket and tell the story of how the three came to be “lottery partners.”

“Marsha hired me 24 years ago to do maintenance at a nursing home, and we’ve been friends ever since,” explained Delaurentis. “Joyce has been my significant other for 13 years. We all go in together on most of our lottery purchases, including the Holiday Millionaire Raffle.”

“Our strategy each year is to buy some tickets at the beginning of the raffle, and then spread out the rest of our purchases,” said Stewart. “Because of the Thanksgiving holiday, we hadn’t checked the winning numbers yet, so when Tony and Joyce called me to say we’d won $10,000, I couldn’t believe it! I’ve never won anything before and I’m 75 years old.”

The good news, besides the fact that they have already won $10,000, is that all their tickets are still eligible to win the last Holiday Bonus drawing December 17, as well as the Grand Prize drawing January 3.

“We feel lucky this year,” they all agreed. They’ve been lucky so far! Their lucky $10,000 ticket was sold by Kwik Shop 739 in Salina.



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