VIDEO: Mural Mission Accomplished

The effort started during the day Friday. By Friday evening over 200 people gathered to be a part of it. By Sunday afternoon it was mission accomplished for the Artwork Alley, seven new, large, bright murals were complete in the alley  in the 100 block between South Santa Fe and Fifth Streets.

The Artwork Alley Mural Expo was a project of Salina Arts and Humanities.

Kansas muralist Brady Scott selected six local and regional artists to join him in painting multiple murals on the alley walls facing the parking lot at 140 S. 5th Street. Prior to the event, Brady  completed the first mural on the south-facing wall of the lot.

Artwork Alley Muralists included:

  • Kamela Eaton, Wichita, KS, is a painter whose practice is focused on figurative paintings that explore all aspects of identity. Her African American, working-class, Midwestern upbringing is reflected in her bold, colorful, straightforward, no-frills perspective on emotional spaces and experiences. She earned her BFA in Graphic Design from Wichita State University.
  • Darren Morawitz, Salina, KS, is the Director of Education at the Salina Art Center and an artist whose work explores contemporary issues through historical context. He studied at Fort Hays State University and received his BFA in Studio Painting and Art Education.
  • Hanna Lee Scott, Wichita, KS, graduated with her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art from Wichita State University and is co-owner of Vortex Souvenir in Wichita. She works as a freelance illustrator for private and corporate projects. She provides artwork and murals for clients such as Central Standard Brewing, Lululemon Athletica, Reverie Coffee Roasters, and Little Lion Ice Cream.
  • Ray (SAEB) Albarez, Dallas, TX,  is inspired by graffiti and urban landscapes. His art has evolved from graphite on paper to aerosol on buildings, catapulting him to use acrylic and oil paint. Ultimately, Ray Albarez’s paintings allow you to view, construe, debate, and repute his artistic style.
  • Anthony (AMP) Parker, Kansas City, MO, is an artist who embraces his energetic flow and skillful grace with both spray can and paintbrush. murals, canvases, and more.
  • Jeremy (SADAT) Fields, Fort Collins, CO, is a self-taught artist of Pawnee, Apsaalooké, and Chickasaw ancestry, with culture serving as a primary influence on his creative endeavors. His work spans the creative gamut, including beadwork, photography, painting and design, and graffiti writing. He is noted for his affinity for style development and letter aesthetics.
  • Brady Scott, Hutchinson, KS, is a father, artist, and musician living and creating in the beautiful rolling hills of central Kansas. Brady works in professional-grade spray paint and acrylic. He implements various techniques to create large-scale murals, one-of-a-kind illustrations, and intimate canvas paintings. He draws inspiration from wildlife, people, history, and the timeless prairie landscape with a unique, contemporary style.

Additionally, Salina artists Chase Wheeler and Colin Benson are painting downtown’s first trash corral mural for the Artwork Alley parking lot during the Smoky Hill River Festival, June 9-12, to be installed upon completion.