VIDEO: Medallion Hunt Persistence Pays Off

Persistence paid off for Salinan Mandy Copp and her team of Smoky Hill River Festival Medallion Hunters including her husband Sean Copp, her son Jacob Copp, and her friend Jon Loader. It took them just five clues and a couple of days to find the coveted treasure, this year a railroad spike, in a railroad tie, just outside the Friendship Center in Centennial Park. A colorful note with directions for the winner were also hidden inside the spike.

Mandy tells KSAL News they were at the Smoky Hill Museum when the first clue was revealed late Wednesday afternoon, and then were ready when each clue was released online, at 7:30 and 4:30 Thursday and Friday.

The clues which lead her to the Medallion include:

  1. A timely institution
  2. Some are not spiked
  3. West of a wide path
  4. South of the King
  5. Step, walk, step

Sean says they searched in several areas including downtown and Jerry Ivey Park before narrowing it down to Centennial Park. They were in Centennial Park when the fifth clue was released at 4:30 Friday afternoon and found the medallion a few minutes later.

According to Mandy, her “ah-ha” moment, which narrowed the search area down, was “West of a wide path”, in her mind the wide path being Broadway. Also, “South of the King” referred to a statue of Elvis at the nearby Spangles restaurant.

Brad Anderson from Salina Arts and Humanities said though not unheard of, it was a little surprising that the medallion was found on day three. Usually it takes a little longer, though one year it was found on day two.

Mandy said there were quite a few people searching in the area when she found the medallion. It was Jacob, who was down on his belly looking at the railroad tie, who initially saw the spike which looked out of place. Mandy then pulled it out.

The Festival Medallion Quest 2024 prize package includes the following:

  • $1,000 in cash
  • $2,000 in Festival Gift Certificates, to be used for purchases in the Fine Art and Craft Show or Art/Craft Demonstration Area during the Festival weekend
  • Four complimentary Festival admission wristbands
  • One on-grounds Festival parking pass (weather permitting)
  • An invitation for four to attend the evening PREMIERE Art Patron Party on Thursday, June 13
  • Four Smoky Hill River Festival t-shirts