VIDEO: Family Seeking Missing Man

Family and friends are searching for a Florida man who went missing while stationed in Kansas with the National Guard.

Family of 24-year-old Roberto Junior Familia say he has been missing for over a week and they are desperately trying to locate him.  They were last in contact with him by phone on March 19th.

Familia, who has family in Florida and New York, moved to Junction City in Kansas as he was with the National Guard stationed at Fort Riley.

Family say in his last correspondence Familia may have been experiencing stress  possibly stemming from post-traumatic stress disorder. In his last message to his family he showed signs of distress that caused alarm.

Over the past few days family have contacted every hospital in Kansas and searched other public records including arrests reports in an unsuccessful attempt to locate Familia.

The family tells KSAL News Roberto’s mother is making a 21-hour drive from Florida to file a missing person report with the Junction City Police Department, which must be filed in person.

Anyone with any information on the whereabouts of Roberto Junior Familia is asking to contact his family at [email protected].

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