VIDEO: Christmas Brass Takes Over Mall

For the second Saturday in a row, a large group of brass musicians took over the food court at the Salina Central Mall. Last week it was “TubaChristmas” this week it was “Brass Christmas”.

The Salina Area-Wide Christmas Brass Choir, 72 musicians strong, gathered and performed a Christmas concert.

This is the third year of the Salina Area-Wide Christmas Brass Choir. It is privately administered by Steve Lueth, and assisted by the Salina Community Band, which provides rehearsal space.

The group is an area-wide, community centered brass group that began with 35 players to has grown now to over 70. It is open to high school and adult brass players.

The youngest player Saturday was 15-years-old, while the oldest was 87-years-old. One of the players, during a career in the military, performed for six presidents.

Area high school and brass players traveled from an approximately 100 mile radius to perform with the group.  The musicians came from many cities from across Kansas, and one came from as far away as Tulsa, Oklahoma.

According to Lueth, the goal is to bring in the holiday spirit in a community atmosphere.

Following a morning rehearsal, the Salina Area-Wide Christmas Brass Choir performed at the Central Mall for an hour.