Burglar Confronted Inside Home

A burglary occurred on ,Monday April 22nd in a house, on the 600 block of Beverly.

The owner and victim of the burglary was a 61-year old Salina male who entered his home at around 6:40 am, noticing his front door was forcibly opened.

The owner  upon entering the home found a male he did not know of. The suspect is 54-year old Marcos Martinez.

The owner asked Martinez to leave the property, but Martinez refused to leave initially and claimed to “own the residence”.

The owner physically pushed Martinez out of the house, but Martinez entered back into the house as the owner forced him out a second time.

Martinez was later found by police walking down the middle of the street on the 1500 block of Beverly.

Police say Martinez was blocking a school bus from proceeding and the victim confirmed for police about Martinez’s identity.

Martinez had a TV remote that came from he owner’s house as police took him into custody.

The owner also stated he stole a piece of steak, white bread, sour cream and chives.

Martinez was charged with burglary, damage to property, theft and battery.