Vandals Cause Damage at 2 Salina Businesses

Salina Police made two arrests and a third is pending after a three suspects damaged an ATM and terminal at a Salina car wash.

Police Capt. Paul Forrester says that both incidents happened in the overnight and early morning hours on Monday, December 18th and Tuesday, December 19th.

The suspects caused damage at the Sunflower Bank corporate location, 3025 Cortland shortly before midnight on December 18. The suspects pried open the ATM and stole the black box inside. However, there was no money inside of the box. Damage to the ATM is listed at over $1,000.

The suspects then showed up at the Kwik Shop, 305 W. Schilling, at 3 a.m. on December 19. They then rammed the van in to the car wash terminal, dislodging it from the base, cut the cables and put the entire terminal in the van.

Forrester says that the police were able to obtain surveillance video from the store and identified the vehicle. Police also found the car wash terminal in ditch on Centennial Dr. near Water Well Rd.

Police have arrested two of the three criminals. 62 year-old David Douglas and 54 year-old David Clemens, both of Salina.

Both Douglas and Clemens have been charged with felony theft and two-counts of felony damage.

Forrester says that a third accomplice, a female, will be detained soon.