USD 305 Classes Resume, No Bus Service

Salina USD 305 schools will be open and in session on Friday but busses will not be running.

According to the District, buildings have been evaluated and cleared to safely reopen for students and staff.

  1. Food service will serve Thursday menus on Friday and Friday menus on Monday.
  2. Test to Stay/Learn/Play/Participate resumes this evening, December 16.
  3. Saline County Emergency Management is offering free, drive-thru-style meals this evening from 4:00 – 7:00 p.m. at the Webster Conference Center, 2601 N. Ohio Street.

Due to damage to busses caused by the storm, USD 305 will be unable to transport students on Friday, December 17.

Parents/guardians will need to provide transportation for their students on December 17 and they will be eligible to receive $20 as mileage reimbursement. A mileage form has been emailed to parents/guardians and will need to be submitted to 1511 Gypsum Avenue. If parents are unable to transport their students to school, it will be an excused absence.

Monday and Tuesday Bussing

Salina schools are working with USD 306 to borrow their busses so USD 305 students can be transported using normal routes on Monday and Tuesday. Parents should be aware that some busses will have USD 306 displayed on them.

Parents of Special Education students who are unable to transport their students to school tomorrow, December 17, are asked to call 785-819-3617 prior to 7:00 p.m. tonight (December 16).