Updated: Police Uncover More Cases Connected to Salina Man

A Salina man that was already in jail on multiple charges has had more cases tacked on to his name.

Brandon Loder, 36, was arrested on March 21 for requested charges of two counts of criminal damage to property, criminal restraint, domestic battery and two counts of robbery alongside some drug and other miscellaneous charges. Those charges were in relation to a domestic dispute and a drugs and stolen property case.

Police Capt. Gary Hanus tells KSAL News that since the arrest, Loder has been found in connection to four additional cases, and the charges resulting from those were added to his record on Friday. Those additional charges include criminal threat, aggravated intimidation of a witness/victim and phone harassment among others.

On March 20, Hanus said police made contact with the original domestic disturbance victim, a 29-year-old woman. The victim reported that Loder had contacted her over the phone since the situation and threatened her.

On the morning of March 21, there were reports of a stolen radar detector from Flying J, located at 2250 N. Ohio Street. The detector was valued at $300, and the suspect was seen leaving in a Toyota Camry. Hanus said it is believed that suspect was Loder. The drugs case arrest happened shortly after that incident.

After the arrest, a 20-year-old woman reported the 2011 Toyota was stolen the night before from the 1200 block of N. 8th Street. The vehicle was valued at $12,000. Hanus said Loder is the alleged suspect in that vehicle theft.

After he was booked, Loder then allegedly called the original domestic disturbance victim again and made more threats.

All of the additional incidents had associated charges added to Loder’s name.

Original Story from March 22:

A domestic disturbance and a drugs case, two separate incidents, have been linked to the same Salina man.

Brandon Loder, 36, was arrested Monday morning and is facing requested charges of two counts of criminal damage to property, criminal threat, domestic battery and two counts of robbery alongside some drug and other miscellaneous charges.

Police Capt. Gary Hanus tells KSAL News that the first case started around 3:40 Saturday afternoon in the 900 block of Osage Ave. on reports of a domestic disturbance. Officers made contact with the 29-year-old female victim, who was the girlfriend of the suspect, later identified as Loder. The victim told police that Loder had struck her several times Friday night and took her cell phone in the process. The two had seperated on Saturday morning, and Loder was no longer at the residence.

Fast forward to Monday, and Saline County Sheriff Roger Soldan tells KSAL News that a deputy was sent to the 4000 block of N. Hedville Road for a report of an abandoned vehicle.

The deputy found a gray Toyota Camry in the area that had supposedly run out of gas. After the deputy ran the tag, it did not match up with the Camry. After running the VIN, the vehicle was believed to have been stolen.

Deputies then went to a nearby gas station, they found out that a man, later identified as Loder, had been inside and left a bag and the keys to the vehicle at the station.

Shortly after, a truck drove by with two people in it, and the driver dropped a person off and came back to the station. The driver told police that the man he dropped off up the road was trying to avoid the deputies.

The passenger turned out to be Loder, who was in possession of a gas can. Loder was taken into custody, and a pipe with methamphetamine residue was discovered during the arrest. Marijuana was also found, and Soldan said that Loder was uncooperative during the confrontation.

Hanus said that information on more cases connected to Loder will be released in the coming days after investigators finish their reports.