Update on Arson Case

The owner of a stolen car that was burned up in the county reached out to police.

According to Salina Police Sergeant Kyle Tonniges, the 45-year-old woman contacted authorities when she realized media coverage was describing her vehicle. Police say the Chevy Equinox was stolen from the 200 block of South 8th before being torched on South Ohio.

The case remains under investigation.

Original Story:
Authorities are trying to identify a car – and thus find the owner of a vehicle that was destroyed by fire on Monday.Saline County Sheriff Roger Soldan tells KSAL News that it appears someone towed a Chevy Equinox to the 4100 block of S. Ohio and lit it.A crew from Rural Fire Department #2 arrived on scene to douse the flames around 12:30am Monday morning. Deputies say the heat destroyed the VIN number and the only part of the license plate that was legible is the last two letters, MT.