UPDATE: Cart Deliveries This Week

The week leading up to automated waste collection, July 12-16, the waste cart contractor will only be delivering new waste carts to City of Salina sanitation customers, but will not be removing any old carts.

According to the City of Salina, beginning July 19, the waste cart contractor will be removing customers’ old City of Salina waste carts on their new waste collection day. We ask that customers set out their empty, old waste carts on their new collection day of each week until they have been removed by the contractor. Beginning July 19, any waste placed inside the old waste carts will not be collected by the City. When customers set out their old waste cart(s), they are asked to please place them three feet from their new waste cart(s).

The new sanitation collection map, available to view on the City of Salina sanitation website below, will take effect the first day of automated waste collection, July 19.

To view the new collection route map please visit http://salina.ks.us/filestorage/18394/18540/22597/Sanitation_Routes_-_Letter_Portrait_Blue_Box.pdf

For more information please visit http://www.salina-ks.gov/sanitation or with further questions, contact the City of Salina General Services office at (785) 309-5750.