Unseasonable Warmth to Begin December

It’s beginning to look a lot like spring. Possible record high temperatures are ushering in December.

According to the National Weather Service, well above normal temperatures are likely Wednesday through Friday, with some record highs likely, especially Thursday.

The current record highs are:

  • Wednesday 73 in 1917
  • Thursday 70 in 1988
  • Friday 72 in 2017

A modest cool down will commence by Saturday.

The agency adds though Wednesday may be December 1st, it certainly is not beginning to look a lot like Christmas across the country. As of Nov. 30th, only  11.1% of the lower 48 was covered with snow,  the 4th lowest percentage for this day since 2003, surpassing only 2011 (10.1%), 2020 (9.5%) and 2017 (7.6%).