Unemployment Claimants Must Participate in New Program

The Kansas Department of Labor is reminding that unemployment benefits could be in jeopardy for those claimants who do not enroll in a new program.

According to the agency, in May the Kansas Legislature passed a law that requires individuals currently receiving unemployment benefits through the Kansas Department of Labor to complete the two-step program requirement called “My Reemployment Plan” (MRP).

Claimants who do not participate in the program may be disqualified from receiving benefits under the new state law. The Kansas Department of Labor (KDOL) encourages individuals who received notice of their participation in the program to complete the requirements immediately in order to prevent a disruption in their benefits.

Claimants were notified bKANSASWORKS on or after June 23 and have 7 days from the notification to get into compliance per the new law. KDOL will begin to deny benefits for the individuals who are out of compliance on Friday, July 16 at 12:00 pm CT. KANSASWORKS will continue to notify additional claimants as they become eligible.

The program, developed in collaboration with the Kansas Department of Labor and KANSASWORKS Workforce System, requires claimants who have received three (3) continuous weeks of unemployment to complete the following two steps:

Once a claimant fulfills the requirements of MRP, they will not have to complete them again unless notified.

Claimants will already have an account on KANSASWORKS.com. If a claimant is having trouble with their username or password, they can use the Forgot Password or Username located here.

Failure to complete all items within seven (7) days of receiving KANSASWORKS’ instructions may result in denial of unemployment insurance benefits. Should this happen, claimants will receive a disqualification email and/or letter from the Kansas Department of Labor.

Claimants who do not comply may have their benefits continued or reinstated upon completing compliance of the My Reemployment Plan’s two steps. If claimants have questions regarding the My Reemployment Plan, they should contact KANSASWORKS through the following four resources:

  1. CALL: 877-509-6757 to be connected to your closest Workforce Center
  3. NEAREST WORKFORCE CENTER: https://www.kansasworks.com/contact for the Workforce Center nearest you
  4. WEBSITEkansascommerce.gov/mrp