Two Skimming Devices Found

Two card skimming devices have been found in the last three days at the Flying J Travel Center on N. Ohio.

On the 21st of October the Salina Police Departmet was notified of a card skimmer being found inside pump 25. There is an alarm system on the pump that was triggered and when an employee went to check it out, they found the device. On the same day an individual described as a “short white man, with grey hair and a grey goatee” entered the store at approxamately 1:40 P.M. asking for power to be turned back on to pump 25. An employee told the man that the store was investigating a skimming divice on the pump so the man left without purchasing any fuel.

Police Captain Paul Forrester tells KSAL that on October 23rd another alarm was set off at pump 21. Employees reported that there was a grey semi-truck with a white trailer parked at the pump. When an employee went to investigate the alarm they reported a “hispanic man” hurried away from the pump, into the semi and drove away. Upon opening the pump another skimming device was found.