Two Killed in Motorcycle Crash

A motorcycle rider and his passenger were both killed when the motorcycle they were on skidded out of control on a Kansas highway and was hit by a car.

According to the Kansas Highway Patrol, 40-year-old Christopher Hodgkiss of Meriden, Kansas was riding a Kawasaki Ninja motorcycle headed west on U.S. 40 Highway in Shawnee County. For an unknown reason, the bike veered left of center and overturned onto its side. It continued at a sideways motion and was struck head on by an oncoming car.

Hodgkiss and a passenger, 32-year-old Jinny Fratiello from Baldwin, City, Kansas, were both killed. The driver of the car did not have any apparent injuries.

The crash happened Friday night just before 7:30 on U.S. 40 Highway in Shawnee County near Shawnee Heights Road at milepost 364.8.