“Tweeting Trooper” Has Close Call

Tweeting Trooper Ben Gardner experienced a close call Monday morning that prompted him to tweet about the state’s Move Over law.

“I happened to go check on a vehicle that was broke down on the side of the road south of Salina,” Gardner said. “As I was exiting my patrol car walking up toward the driver’s side, it’s routine for our officers to do a quick glance back to make sure that traffic is moving over as required. I’m certainly glad that I did. When I did my quick glance back to see if motorists were moving over, there was a vehicle that was not. It was rapidly coming up on me, and went right by me in a very close, close manner at a high rate of speed, at highway speeds.”

The Move Over law is simple, when you see emergency lights and you’re on a four lane highway, get into the opposite lane as soon as you can.

“Kansas law requires drivers to move over for emergency workers, KDOT employees, anything with emergency lights,” said Gardner. Move over to give us room to do what we need to do on the side of the road.”

This is not a new statute, according to Gardner.

“We’ve had this law on the books for many years now,” Gardner said. “It’s something that officers, if they have opportunity, could ticket for.”

Once enforcement measures were allowed in 2007, the fine for not moving over was set at $90.

Story by Nick Gosnell 580 WIBW News