Turnpike Tolling To Go Cashless

The Kansas Turnpike is going cashless.

Kansas Turnpike Authority officials say the turnpike will switch to a cashless tolling system in July.

Under the new system, overhead toll cameras will scan license plates, and drivers will be set a bill under the new Drive Kansas payment system.

The cameras which can scan license plates will allow bills to be issued through the mail rather than motorists stopping and to pay as they drive across the Sunflower State.

Customers will be billed for tolls using a compatible transponder, such as K-TAG, or by mailing a bill using the vehicle’s registration information. To prepare for cashless tolling and pay the lowest toll, officials recommend customers get a K-TAG or compatible transponder.

Drivers using the road without a K-TAG or compatible transponder will be billed using the registration information associated with the vehicle’s license plate.

Not much will change for customers who already use a K-TAG. Current KTAG users will still have their own system that enables them to pay 30-percent less than the motorists who are billed through the mail.