Truck, Chain Used to Steal ATM Cash

Another Salina area ATM has been yanked open by chain and emptied of cash.

Police Sergeant Kyle Tonniges tells KSAL News that a “chain gang” of criminals used a stolen truck and a chain to destroy and steal money from the automatic teller at a Sunflower Bank branch, located at 3025 Courtland Circle.

Police say early Wednesday around 5:35am, the suspects stole a Dodge Ram 2500 truck from a home nearby in the 2800 block of Kaywood Drive, and hooked a chain to the axle to destroy and open the ATM.

The crime is consistent with the method of operation of other ATM thefts across the the country, committed by organized groups of criminals. Police are reviewing video from the bank and around the area as the Kansas Bureau of Investigation is assisting in the case.

Police say the criminals failed to steal a 2005 Ford F-250 that they apparently broke into during the same time frame in the 2800 Melanie Drive.

The cash box contained an undisclosed amount of currency. The ATM is valued at $50,000.