Traffic Pattern at South High Changing

Construction is prompting officials to change the traffic pattern at Salina South High School when the new school year begins in the near future.

According to the school, community members need to plan ahead for traffic changes due to school construction. Key changes include:

  • The drive directly in front of the school, from Magnolia Road to Edward Street, is now one-way traffic. Flowing from the north to the south, it is the designated loading and unloading zone for students and buses. Edward Street no longer has an entrance into South High School.
  • The west parking lot has only a Magnolia Road exit. There is no other outlet. Students who drive to school will enter and exit from Magnolia Road.

 “We are asking for everyone to please be patient and drive carefully before and after school,” said Curtis Stevens, principal at South High School. “Safety is our number one priority.” Stevens hopes to minimize confusion by letting people know what changes to expect.

 The main entrance will remain the same.


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