Tornadoes Touch Down Across Kansas

Tornadoes touched down across Kansas Friday night, including four in Marion County, at least two in Sedgwick County, one in Dickinson County, one in Pottawatomie County.

According to the National Weather Service, the most significant was a tornado that moved northeast out of eastern Sedgwick County into the community of Andover and then north towards Benton. Damage from the tornado would yield a preliminary rating of a strong EF-3 with wind of at least 136 miles per hour while on the ground from approximately 8:10 pm until 8:31 pm.  Dozens of structures in the city of Andover were damaged. There were only a handful of injuries and no one was killed.

In Marion County between 7:57 pm and 8:10 pm four weak tornadoes, ranging in strength of EF-0 to EF-1 touched down in rural parts of the county. The strongest tornado packed a top wind speed of 96 miles per hour. None of the tornadoes stayed on the ground for more than a mile. There was no significant damage or injuries.

A severe thunderstorm rapidly developed shortly before 8 pm in Southeast Dickinson County  near Hope.  Quickly this storm developed a tornado just northwest of Herington.  This tornado remained on the ground for nearly 18 miles, moving to the northeast before dissipating near Parkerville. Sporadic EF-0 to EF-1 damage was surveyed in the area. There was no significant damage or injuries.

A fast moving tornado moved along the Kansas River in Pottawatomie County between 8:03 pm and 8:18 pm. This tornado developed just east of St. George and remained just south of Wamego before dissipating on the north side of Belvue. There was no significant damage or injuries.