Tired of being single?

I’m tired of being single.  My life is good but I would like someone special to share it with.  Thoughts?

Go to my talk show archives and listen to the callers, men and women, who have called with this very issue.  There have been so many that I’ve thought I should start my own dating site!  Here’s a synopsis of what we’ve talked about:

First, you can’t expect to meet someone sitting on your couch at home playing video games.  You have to get out and meet people, but the most fruitful place to find people who may be compatible with you are introductions through friends and family.  If you make being single look so easy and comfortable, maybe they don’t know you’re still looking? Make sure your friends know you are open to their matchmaking.  Also, get involved in organizations that interest you.  Widen your circle of friends from all walks of life; men and women, single and married.  The more you network and meet new people the more you’re likely to meet someone you’re interested in dating.  The men I’ve talked to about finding women to date liken it to sports.  After a while it’s all a numbers game.

My thoughts? Single or not, make your life the best life ever.  I’d be lying to you if I said to hold your chin up because your “someone special” is just out there waiting for you.  The truth is, you may never find that special person for a long-term relationship.  Here’s a way to help feel better about being single. Look around and see all the people you know who are happily single, or happily never married or (worse) in a miserable relationship.  Live your best life, make it your own, and if you want to find someone special you have to stay in the game.   No sitting on the bench for you!

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  • How does being single enrich your life?
  • What are you doing to stay in the game of dating?
  • How can you up the strategy of your dating game?
  • What do you need to do to gracefully accept your singledom?
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