Tips to Prevent “Porch Pirate” Thefts

As online shoppers hit “add to cart” earlier in the holiday shopping season – starting with Amazon Prime Big Deal Days back in October and ramping up to Christmas Day – more and more packages are dropping at front doors. The holidays are a top season for online shopping of expensive, high-end gifts and items such as electronics, jewelry and toys – and theft of those packages can be a costly loss.

According to State Farm, the uptick in early online shopping and deliveries presents a prime opportunity for theft from “porch pirates.”  Online consumers can rest easier knowing insurance can cover high-end, expensive gift orders (considering deductible.) Around 27,700 residents filed theft claims last year (2022), according to State Farm claims data. That’s an increase of 26% from 22,000 theft claims the prior year (2021).

Online shoppers are encouraged to increase security by following below Top Three Tips below to reduce chances of porch/delivery theft:

 Require a signature for package delivery

If you expect to be home but just want to be sure you know when something’s delivered, requiring a signature is a simple and effective option. This ensures that you’ll be receiving the package directly and it won’t be sitting in front of your house for any length of time.

Use a package delivery box

Community delivery boxes as well as single home lock boxes, such as BoxLock, are a great option for securing deliveries. Community boxes provided by Amazon and other companies are locker systems that can be found in locations such as grocery stores. When your package is delivered, you will receive a code that allows you to safely retrieve your purchase.

Use security cameras visible from the street

Visible security cameras and home monitoring systems may help deter thieves. Simply having a security system and outdoor lighting in place is often enough to convince a thief to skip your home. The latest technology includes video doorbells. Video evidence can help police to apprehend criminals and potentially retrieve your purchases.

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