Tips For a Safer Season

As you decorate your home for Christmas, the Consumer Product Safety commission has several tips to help you avoid accidents.

Avoid falls by using the proper size ladder for adding decorations. The CPSC says falls were the top cause of 15,000 holiday decorating injuries during November and December of last year.

Check how fresh a cut Christmas tree is before buying it. A fresher tree is more resistant to fire. Look for how many needles fall off by tapping the tree’s trunk on the ground and then keep your tree stand filled with water.Live trees need to be kept away from heat sources and watered every day. The CPSC says that every year fire departments respond to fires where the Christmas tree is the first item that burns.

An artificial holiday tree should have a “fire resistant” label attached.

Indoor or outdoor light sets with cracked sockets or frayed wires should be replaced. To prevent fires, the agency says you should throw out holiday light sets that have broken sockets, fraying cords or bare wires.

It also reminds you to put candles where children or pets can’t reach them and always extinguish them before you go to bed, leave the room, or leave the house.