Time for LLC’s to Pitch In

Discussions continue in Topeka on how to revamp the tax structure in Kansas to help generate funds to balance future budgets and bolster school funding needs.

Republican Representative Diana Dierks,District 71 joined in on the KSAL Morning News with a pulse of those discussions, “I really truly believe we are coming to a point where we need to do something,” Dierks said.

This week three leaders in the Kansas Senate were pushing a measure to reverse the income tax cut for business owners and farmers enacted in 2012.

A movement that is also being discussed on the House side.

“I have been approached by a couple of representatives saying would you be supportive of that, and I would,” Dierks said.

Dierks added her conversations with small business owners has been sympathetic.

“Visiting with some of those who are LLC, you know they generally tell me we wouldn’t mind paying our fair share. Because they see what type of impact it is having on our state,” she said.

The proposal that was backed by by Senate Vice President Jeff King of Independence would end income tax exemptions on more than 330,000 business owners and farmers and tax 70-percent of their income.

Governor Sam Brownback’s office has already said he would not sign a tax increase on small businesses in Kansas.