Three to be Inducted Into Business Hall of Fame

A new class of three is set to be inducted into the Salina Business Hall of Fame.

According to the Salina Area Chamber of Commerce, the 2021 inductees include:

  • August (AJ) Holmquist (Pioneer Category 1858-1925)
  • Frank Norton  (Historic Category, 1926-1975)
  • Steve Ryan (Contemporary Category 1976-present).

The Salina Business Hall of Fame was established by the Salina Area Chamber of Commerce in 2005. Its purpose is to recognize and honor Salina business leaders, both past and present, who have made extraordinary contributions to Salina, earned the respect of the local community and called attention to the Free Enterprise system and its value to our country and citizens in shaping Salina’s way of life.

Each inductee will be recognized with a commemorative plaque. In addition, plaques honoring each inductee will be displayed at the Chamber office, 120 W. Ash. A biography of each inductee will be printed and distributed at the luncheon.

Past inductees include: (Pioneer) Henry David Lee, Alexander Campbell, Oscar Seitz, Winfield Watson, Benjamin Aaron Litowich; William R. Geis, William A. Phillips, Thomas Watson Roach, Charles R. Underwood, Frank Hageman, Heerman H. Sudendorf, and Arthur M. Claflin (Historic) Ward A. Marshall, William Henry Graves, John J. Vanier, M.J. Kennedy, Milton Morrison, Charles W. Shaver, C. William “Bill” Exline, Murray Wilson, Ralph E. Reitz, S. Dean Evans, Sr., Whitley Austin, Ben Sellers, George L. Frisbie, Verla Nesbitt Joscelyn, Baalis Kyger Smoot, Robert J. Laubengayer, Dan Bolen, and Milton Stiefel (Contemporary) Alfred P.G. Schwan, Charlie Walker, Roy Applequist, Lee Young, Paul E. Junk, Jack Vanier, James R. Allen, Richard E. Brown, Karl Stutterheim, Mike Berkley, Charles E. Stevens, Jr., Thomas Pestinger, Sidney A. Reitz, Timothy M. Rogers, and Mel and Marge Bergkamp.

An induction ceremony will be held Wednesday, November 3rd, from 11:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m., at the Salina Country Club. Lt. Gov. David Toland, will be the featured speaker.