Three Dog Night Coming to Salina

One of the most popular rock bands of the early 1970s is coming to Salina. Three Dog Night is coming to the Stiefel Theatre this spring.

In the years 1969 through 1974, no other group achieved more top 10 hits, moved more records, or sold more concert tickets than Three Dog Night. Boasting chart and sales records that remain virtually unmatched in popular music, the band had 21 consecutive Top 40 hits, including three number one singles, and eleven top ten hits.

Created in 1968 by Danny Hutton, Three Dog Night maintains an aggressive, year-round touring schedule. The band’s now-famous name refers to native Australian hunters in the outback who huddled with their dogs for warmth on cold nights; the coldest being a “three dog night”.

Three Dog Night will perform at the Stiefel Theatre in Salina on Thursday, May 18th. Tickets go on sale this Friday.

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Three Dog Night’s  21 Top 40 Hits:

  • Mama Told Me (Not To Come)  #1
  • Joy to The World #1
  • Black And White #1
  • Shambala #3
  • Easy To Be Hard #4
  • An Old Fashioned Love Song #4
  • The Show Must Go On #4
  • One #5
  • Never Been To Spain #5
  • Liar #7
  • Eli’s Coming #10
  • The Family Of Man #12
  • Celebrate #15
  • Out In The Country #15
  • Sure As I’m Sittin’ Here #16
  • Let Me Serenade You #17
  • One Man Band #19
  • Pieces Of April #19
  • Try A Little Tenderness #29
  • Til The World Ends #32
  • Play Something Sweet (Brickyard Blues) #33