Thrashing Man Body Wrapped by Police

A Salina man who kicked at police officers during his arrest is now facing multiple charges.

Captain Gary Hanus tells KSAL News that a concerned motorist dialed police after they witnessed an intoxicated man who was standing in the intersection of Santa Fe and Crawford acting like he was going to throw a bottle at passing cars.

Officers responded and made contact with 23-year-old Cody Cumberland at Casey’s General Store at 215 W. Crawford.

Police say Cumberland became agitated after officers offered him a safe ride home, lunging at one cop damaging the ammo pouch on his duty belt. At one point officers had to remove Cumberland from the back of a patrol unit as he thrashed and kicked with handcuffs on.

He was placed in a body wrap and transported to the Saline County Jail just before 8pm on Monday night. Captain Hanus explained the wrap, which is similar to a mummy sleeping bag is another tool used by officers in the field to keep them and suspects safe.

Cumberland is now facing multiple charges that could include battery of a law enforcement officer, criminal threat and damage to property.