Thief Hides, Stays in Building After Closing

A man who allegedly hid, and then stayed inside a Salina non-profit agency after it closed was later arrested when he returned for a meal.

Police responded to a call Tuesday around 9am to the Salina Grace Day Center regarding a man who allegedly locked himself in the building after it closed around 4pm Monday, and helped himself to the snacks inside the facility.

According to Captain Jim Feldman, employees arrived in the morning around 7:15 to find footprints on the furniture and several snacks missing. UponĀ  reviewing the security footage, they found 33-year-old Salinan Justin Chappell had hidden in the building and waited until they locked the doors after the employees left and proceeded to rummage through their goods. He later left.

Later Tuesday around noon, Chappell returned to the Salina Grace Day Center to receive lunch from the facility. Officers were called and returned to arrest Chappell on the spot on charges of burglary and theft.