Theft Thwarted on Broadway

An attempted vehicle theft was stopped by Salina Police early on Monday morning.

At 3:30am, a police officer was driving behind K-Mart on South Broadway and noticed a Red F-250 Super Duty hauling a flatbed tilt trailer in the Ferco Storage parking lot. The vehicle wasn’t using it’s headlights. When the officer came into closer proximity of the vehicle, the truck took off at a high rate of speed.

The officer then tried to stop the vehicle by turning on the lights, and the driver continued to not yield. The vehicle reached speeds up to 45 mph in the parking lot of K-Mart, and started west on South Street. The driver attempted to turn onto Armory Road where he tried to turn around, and instead jack knifed the trailer.

The individual fled on foot, and was not apprehended. Upon further inspection, the officer found that the suspect was trying to steal a black GMC Sierra truck that was disabled in the Ferco lot.

The man has been identified and a warrant has been issued for his arrest.