The Final Summer For Starbase

By September 30, Starbase, the hands on summer science program used around the nation will finish it’s final year.

Starbase is a week long summer science program that gives kids access to model rockets, robotics, airport control towers and the opportunity to live chat with NASA rocket scientist’s; experiences that are not offered in any elementary classroom setting.

“I found out in February that this was to be Starbase’s last year,” Karen Whitacre, a four year Starbase helper said. “For some elementary aged kids, Starbase was their only opportunity for this kind of hands on science learning.”

Denise Smith says that she is less worried about herself and the Starbase staff and more worried about the kids and their chance at ever having the ability to experience the kinds of learning that the program has to offer for that young age group.

Returning for his third year at Starbase, rising sixth grade student Jonathan Carter will miss all that the program has had to offer him over the years.

“What would I miss the most?” Carter said looking side to side while smiling. “I’d either have to say everything or everything.”

Still left for the kids to experience this week is the airport tour, egg drop test, 3D printing, flight simulator and launching rockets. Whitacre says that their summer program is packed this year with students and that hopefully Starbase won’t be gone forever.