The Conductor Behind an Infectious Symphony

One of five finalist in the Music Director and Conductor search  is in Salina this week to work with musicians and refine the infectious rhythms of Danzón No. 2 by Márquez and the triumphant melodies of Tchaikovsky’s Fifth Symphony before Sunday’s concert.

Yaniv Attar grew up in Israel and serves as music director of the Bellingham Symphony in Washington state. Attar and Adrienne Allen Executive Director Salina Symphony joined in on the KSAL Morning News Extra Monday to not only preview the concert – but share the connection Yaniv already feels to the community.

The Symphony will also feature a guitar soloist for the first time when Daniel Bolshoy presents Joaquin Rodrigo’s soulful and poetic Concierto de Aranjuez. The Melodic Journey takes place at the Stiefel Theatre on Sunday, March 27 at 4pm.

Listen to full interview here.