The Art of Pie

Some would say pie can be an art form. An artist in Lindsborg will have pie as art on full display.

According to the Red Barn Studio, from Roeland Park Laura Baker will be the Artist-in-Residence  Friday, July 1st through Sunday, July 10th.

“Another summer approaches and my thoughts turn to Pie. I will be working on illustrations for a follow-up cookbook, ‘Pie as Art, Vol 2.’  This year, I would like to try a completely different medium for me called scherenschnitte, the art of intricate paper cutting. My vision was inspired by a collection of crochet doilies that I used as backgrounds for many of my illustrations.  Instead of rendering the doily designs in paint, I will be cutting a complex 2-dimensional piece out of white paper, incorporating hidden images of fruit, botanical shapes and other pie implements.  I envision a series of 3 life-sized or larger paintings. The pie/plate will be illustrated in watercolor pencils or watercolor, cut around the edges, and layered over the paper cutting, all hand-stitched together with embroidery floss.  I will also be continuing with a series of black and white images of pie implements rendered with watercolor pencils, such as forks, pie servers and such.  All images created at the Red Barn Studio will be featured in the next cookbook.  Paintings and ‘Pie as Art. Vol 1,’ last year’s cookbook, will be available for purchase with a portion of the proceeds going to support the Red Barn Studio Museum.”

You can subscribe to Baker’s emails on her website to update  and be included on upcoming events on her calendar and read about baking adventures on “Baker’s Blog’ at her mouth-watering website, The Raymer Society’s Artist in Residence program is sponsored in part by the Kansas Creative Arts Industry Commission and the National Endowment for the Arts.