That’s a Relief

My faith in Kansas has been restored. Just when I think we’re headed off the rails, something happens that gives me hope again. We do have a history of populist leanings that have led us all over the map, but we also have a history of rooting out the snake-oil salesperson and sending them on their way.

I will admit I admire the demagogue. Having the chutzpah to get up there and just say whatever unhinged thing that will get the crowd frothed up is quite a skill. And then to get indignant when questioned and just fire back some invectives to put your interrogator in his or her place is right out of the bully handbook.

But I also tire of it all quickly, and I wonder why others don’t either. But if the caucus results Saturday are any indication, both Republican and Democrat, Kansans are also tired of the vitriol and pre-packaged warmed over stuff from yesteryear. And by not jumping on the leader bandwagon, we also show that there are some things more important that winning. It has to do with dignity and character.

Kansans seem to respond better to those who live their convictions, not just the ones that say what we want to hear. Issues come and issues go, but the content of your character you carry to the grave. I like that the content of Kansas’ character is still intact and able to pick out the hucksters and send them on their way.