“Thank The Lord We Are All Still Here”

An Autumn tornado that touched down without warning in rural Saline County has a couple of families picking up the pieces. The tornado, which touched down southeast of Salina, totally destroyed one home, badly damaged another, and tossed farm implements and machinery like toys as it destroyed a metal machine shed.

Lisa McDowell’s home, just off Whitmore Road, was totally destroyed. Nothing was left but the foundation. McDowell told KSAL News that no one was home, except her dog, when the tornado struck. The dog who was in a kennel that flew through the air and was thrown into a pole, miraculously survived. McDowell’s 90-year-old mother, who lives about a quarter mile away, watched the house disappear. “Thank the Lord that we are all still here and that everyone is safe,” McDowell said.



The Donald and Helen Lund farmstead, located on east Magnolia, was also hit by the tornado. The family told KSAL News that no one was home when the twister tore through a machine shed on the property, and badly damaged the home. Farm equipment and implements including tractors and a combine where thrown hundreds of yards into a field.

A large contingent of family and friends quickly arrived at both locations to help begin cleaning up.

The tornado also brought down numerous power lines throughout eastern Saline County and into Dickinson County. Multiple crews were out working to restore power Thursday evening.

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